Month: November 2014

Buddha statue sky

Human Flourishing, Art, and the Nature of Spirituality

In the previous article, I described my view that modern spirituality often fears the truth, because people’s use of spirituality is “overstretched”: people put forward spiritually-based answers to too many types of questions, damaging the credibility of spirituality as an answer to anything. I also argued that the remedy is to define the spiritual “field of study”: the set of questions which belong to spirituality itself, and the knowledge and wisdom to be discovered in exploring those questions. So the key question is: What truth can and should spirituality reveal? This article starts to outline what I believe is the answer to that question. The Core Question of Spirituality I believe that the purpose of spirituality is to answer the question: What is it, and what can it be, to live as a human being? Written out more fully, I believe the core question of spirituality is: What beauty, truth, worthiness, and power are inherent in being alive as a human being, and how can humans more and more powerfully embody those qualities? Similarity with …